Western History
As well as an overview of the class and potted history of D1041, the following pages will be an attempt at building a chronological view of what 'Prince' did during BR days including works information and workings along with some of the more unusual movements in preservation.

Although always a part of the Bury Hydraulic Group fleet, D1041 was privately owned until the '27 heroes' stepped in to secure the loco as a permenant Bury resident in February 2003. Prince will eventually fall under the ownership of the Bury Hydraulic Trust once established, securing the loco for future generations to enjoy.

At the time of launching, the details are all fairly bare but it is hoped a picture can be built up over the next few years perhaps, giving an insight into the loco's movements and duties since 1962 along with a collection of photographs to document D1041's life in pictures.

If you have any information that you would like to add to any of the history pages then please do get in touch via the contact pages.