Westerns on Tape 1974-1976

52 tracks of 'Maybach Music' recorded between 1974 and 1976 by a young Steve Feasby, armed with a tape recorder and a microphone, capturing some glorious moments in time. The audio has been cleaned up and enhanced a little but retains its orginal tape character.

A preview of track 3, featuring our very own D1041, can be downloaded as a zip file here.

The CD features 'Westerns' D1001, D1005, D1009, D1013, D1015, D1016, D1021, D1023, D1026, D1028, D1030, D1034, D1041, D1043, D1049, D1051, D1052, D1053, D1056, D1059, D1061, D1063, D1064, D1065, D1068 and D1070

The Disc is £8.50 (paypal) £8.00 (Chq/PO) inc P&P, proceeds to D1041

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Western Prince
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